Bumming Since Nineteen Ninety.

Localesurf is an exclusive Delaware founded lifestyle brand. The apparel line focuses on functional casual wear influenced by surf & coastal culture. Based in Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Branding, Product Design,
Website Development
+ Digital Marketing (2017)


Ai  |  Ps  |  Id  | Lr  |  Magento 2.0


Localesurf is defined by lifestyle. Always spread the brand message.

Create interactive platform marketing seasonal apparel products & lifestyle blog.

Introduce new regional sales, brand vision & online presence.


The website is built with Magento frameworks, providing superior functionality & opportunity.

Focusing on user-interface, user-experience strategy, rich content creation & product marketing, our result is a robust platform.

Localesurf has projected growth, now focusing on consumer product functionality & innovative market development.

The challenge with Localesurf was to shape the brand
to distinguish it as a unique and distinct apparel option in the
United States while engaging loyal followers & expanding
the exposure beyond the local coastal community.

Built a new eCommerce website.

Account creation, one-page checkout, fully responsive,
promotional incentives, new arrivals & creative blog content.

Created assets for cross-platform marketing.

Product design & inspiration Live, make the trip.

Designed catalog, email campaign & purchase order sheet.

Social media marketing for mass exposure.