Best Wilson Buckley,
Every family law matter is unique.

Best Wilson Buckley is one of the largest family law teams in Queensland, Australia.
Best Wilson Buckley Family Law was established in 2009 by Kara Best and Reagan Wilson as Toowoomba’s first firm specializing exclusively in family law.

CrossRoads Digital Magazine Publication
+ Website Design

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Best Wilson Buckley hired me to design an interactive magazine layout to educate & motivate individuals seeking family law guidance.

The CrossRoads magazine has involved creative direction, graphic design, branding & content creation.


This interactive design is published in digital format & shared among the community.

The Buckley team is delighted to have begun their CrossRoads journey.

I’ve enjoyed collaborating with this Australian client, it has been lovely Brisbane.

I’ve designed an interactive magazine layout that educates
& motivates individuals seeking family law guidance.